- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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c)One of the traditions in Ctln is SJ, IT'S celebrated on the 23 april every year!! S.Jordi is a legend wich explain a love story of a princess who was almost devoured by the dragon: suddenly appeared SJ and help her. When he killed the dragon from his blood lefet a flower. Of this story there have been books and movies for both children and adults, and many people liked them!! Since this day the boys give a flower to girls, and the girls give them a book.
a)Las week i read a oiece of newa that surprisedme: spain needs a new elections. In my opinion, they are waste of time!! Currently spanish people don't have a president and they have been working for weeks to decide how will be president!! Nowadays there are other problems important, rof ex.Unemployment for  young ia very warring. Most of them have to abandon spain and go to other country to get a job!! In con.., i think thas the will not change, and new elecionts are wasteof money.
b) Now the use of FC is very high and very popular it dipend of the age. I has advantatges and disav..!! On the one hand, fc is an excelent and easy way comunicate with other people around the world. You can get in connect with family and old friends!! One the other hand, if you don't use fc in a good wey you will have problms. It can be waste of time. Fc is time consuming. One has to control what publications in fc.!! In con.., using fc has got a good things and had ones.

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