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Dear Shopie,

Im looking forward to going there
and meet your friend. Im going to 
talk about my family and me.
We are five people, my parents,
my brother, my sister and i. My
sister is the youngest in the family
and she is 13 years old. We have
got three cats at home and at the 
moment one of them is ill.
We all live in a block o flats in the 
city center. Our flat is quite big
we live on the third floor. We have
central heating and air conditioning.
There are three bedrooms and one
spare room for guests. 
Im going to talk about me. Im 21 years 
old, currently im study at university, im
a confident, hardworking and generous
person. On the other hand im 
sometimes shy when i don't know 
anybody at party.  Im short and slim, i 
have got a beautiful long brown hair,
i have some freckles and i have got 
brown eyes. I believe im quite smart.
I have some hobbies, for example, 
when it is summer i love going 
surfing with my family, and in winter
i go snowboarding to Granada.
Finally, this summer im going to travel 
to France with some friends. Thats all
for now. 
What are you going to do this summer?
I hope to hear from you soon
Yours sincerely, TV

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