- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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Tess Durbeyfield-“Poor darlings—to suppose myself the most miserable being on earth in the sight o’ such misery as yours!” When she kills all the pheasants. Her quotes are usually her whining about something.

Angel Clare-“My poor poor Tess, my dearest darling Tess! So sweet, so good, so true!” The words of endearment, withheld so severely in his waking hours, were inexpressibly sweet to her forlorn and hungry heart-He’s sleepwalking and apostrophizes Tess.His quotes are generally pretentious sounding.

Alec D’Urberville-Quote tones: creepy or clingy.

John Durbeyfield- “Never heard it before, sir!” When he was told that he was from a rich lineage. If it sounds sober, it probably isn’t John.

Joan Durbeyfield

Marian, Izz Huett, Retty-If they’re whining about a lost love, it’s one of them.

Othello,Desdemona,Iago,Michael Cassio,Emilia,Roderigo,Bianca Brabantio, Montano

 Charles Darnay-Sounds fairly posh, but casual at a lot of times

Sydney Carton-Usually whining about Lucie,End of book quotes about sacrifice

Doctor Manette-He’ll either sound completely crazy or profound. Maybe a quote about his workbench?

 Lucie Manette-Anyone that sounds way too sweet is Lucie.

Madame Defarge Anyone that sounds way too murderous is Mme Defarge.

Monsieur Defarge- He has some quotes about revolution,End quotes are apprehensive

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