- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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INFORMAL-Dear Emma, thabks so much for your email. It was so good to hear about you. I'm really sorry not to hace been in touch but I've been preparing my exams....// What a great news that you're finally...I can't wait to see you! And uou're going to learn french too, fantastic...// I've been learning English since I was a kid as you know..And by far the most useful was..../ I would also suggest.../ What seems to work for people is..My brother says that../ and you know about___?...// Anyway, I hope that this helped give you a few ideas.../ Do write back as soon you can. I'd love to heat all the details...// Lots of love, Bela.//also, another thing, apart from this...// FORMAL-I am writing to express my concern about...Dissapointment...//I would suggest...I would recommend...I recommend that...It would be a good idea...// Dear Sir/ Madam, the company asked me to contact you with a view to finding../We could consider movintg into... Firstly, secondly, finally, in addition, what is more...//  I would appreciate if you would...

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