- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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Walking is Good

2.I enjoy Drawing (gerund)

Verbs that Need to be followed by Gerund:

-Admit.       -recommend

-Advise.       -Risk.              -miss

-Avoid.          -Suggest.       -enjoy

-Consider.     -stop.              -Love

-Deny.             -finish

-Involved         -Imagine

-Mention.         -Mind

Yesterday,I Decided to draw (infinitive)

Verbs Followed by an infinitive

-Agree.   -Decide.   -Deserve.  -Expect

-Offer.    -Hope.    -Plan.    -Wait.  -Want

-Learn.   -Promise.   -Need    -Seen

3.Infinitive Are used followed by pronouns

We asked Her not to go

4.Gerunds Are usted prepositions

Novels About loving







5.Infinitive Are used adjectives

It is not Easy to graduate

Comparatives And superlatives

Hotter -Comparative-(than)indica si va comparative


Is more Interesting-Comparative

The most Interesting-Superlative

 Usted to/Would

Would/indica Algo del pasado(When i was younger....

No se usa con verbs de estado

Like.   Love.  Be.  Feel. Understand.  Think. Have.

Solo con verbs de acción

Los verbos siempre van en presente no en (ed) o (ing)

Solo Use si va didn’t o Did

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