Diencephalon I

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Humoral, arteries -> Hypothalamus

Hippocampus (fornix) -> mammillary

Amygdala (stria terminalis, Fugo amygdala-ventral bundle) -> N chiasmatic and tuberal

N septal (medial telencephalic beam lat )<--> Hypothalamus

Brain stem (fasc long dorsal) -> Hypothalamus

Make telencephalic medial

Fasc long post

Fasc mamilo-thalamic

Fasc mamilo-mesencephalic or Gudden

Stria terminalis

Fasc hypothalamic-pituitary

Fasc descending hypothalamic

Fasc hypothalamic-thalamic-cortical



Sust retic lat: N reticular thalamic or gated area of Arnold (resp modulates dorsal thalamus)

Sust retic inf: equivocal zone (projected an subcortical vegetative vegetative info)

Retic intralaminar Sub: N centromedian and parafascic (modulation putamen and caudate)

N paracentral (rel wake-sleep)

N centrolat (sleep-wake respiratory centers)

N subMedia (rel with n. solitary bone plate I)

Sust medial retic / yuxtaependimaria:

N of the gray commissure or reuniens (sex hormones and reproductive instincts)

N paraventric thalamic (sens presoceptiva)

N paratenial (reg of visceral func)

N rhomboid (rel with respirat and cardiovascular events)


N Geniculate LAT (visual analytic)

Retina (retino-hypothalamic pathway)

Sup colliculus


Area 17 (radioactive of Gratiolet)

Areas 18,19,39,40 (radioactive primary thalamocortical)

N medial geniculate (analytical acoustic)

N vestibular (lemniscus lat)

Medial geniculate (angle Probst)

No dorsal post

Areas 39,40,41 (radioactive Pfeifer)

N VENTRAL POST (protopathic and epicritic)

Spinal and bulb


Info gustatory

Info vestibular

No dorsal lateral

Areas 1,2,3

N VENTRAL LATERAL (unconscious proprioception)


N interstitial Cajal

N anterior ventral


Areas 4.6


Pulvinar (visual associative)

N lat geniculate

Auditory radiation

Parietal association cortex, temporal, occipital

N DORSAL POST (associative acoustic)

Medial geniculate

Parietal association cortex

N DORSAL LATERAL (associative tactile)

N ventral post

Cingulate and marginal

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