Differentiate of Gregorian chants from troubadour music

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MIDDLE AGES. (5-14 c.) main purpose of religious music was to teach people the ideas of Christianity. Gregorian chants: singing of the christian church. Primitive polyphony (organum), ars antiqua & ars nova. Profane music: minstrels(travelling musicians) & troubadours. Instruments: flutes, lute, small percussion instr. Compo- Leonin & Perotin, polyphony. Alfonso x the wise: cantigas de santa maria.   RENAISSANCE. (15-16 c.) christian church divided into: catholic church (pope in rome) and protestant church (luther). Patrons of the art appear. Music becomes more human. Vocal music- protestant reformation: chorale (homophony and German). Catholic counter-reformation: motet & mass (counterpoint & latin). Profane music: madrigal-italy villancico-spain. Inst music: diferencias-spain & dances. Instr: loud music- outdoor performances quiet music- indoor performance. Organ & harpsicord. Compo: Tomas Luis de Victoria (counter-reformation) Juan del Enzina (villancicos)

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