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A diphthong is the union of two vowels that are pronounced together in one syllable. When there are two vowels that are not in contact diphthong, speaks of a hiatus or gap. In most languages have two vowels of a diphthong must be weak or closed (I, U, or similar). Diphthongs The vowels can be classified according to the form, so that there is rising diphthongs (when weak to strong occurs vowel) or decreasing; closed (the second element has a point of articulation more closed than the first), or open, and short or long, when that language exists in many vocàlica.Les vocal form a diphthong last Unless listed separately, and when there is a phenomenon of assimilation which alters its tone or sound original. Catalan there are two types of diphthongs: Growing: formats, First item: one g / q + second element: + u sound third element: a voice anyone: qua, who, what, quo, water, sake, Gui, Guo First item: and / u in the beginning of word + vowel or y / u in the middle of the word between vowels + second element: vocal. dwindling: ai, ei, oi, ui, au, eu, iu, ou and uu. Diphthong vowels are also acting as a consonant (eg ca-UEN; non-IA)

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