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Your college has been asked to accept a group of 50 students from another country for two Weeks. Your principal has asked you to write a report. What would be the advantages and Disadvantages of accepting this group? What would you recommend?

The main purpose of this report is to see if accept a group of 50 students from another country for Two weeks would be worth or not. To prepare for this report, I visited a college near from my District, and I asked about this type of plan.

All those who were interviewed believe that this kind of idea would be fantastic for our college ,because there's a oportunity that only few people can enjoy.

The points mentioned in favour of accept this group were:

  1. It's a great oportunity to meet new people and discover their customs.

  2. We could learn about their cultures, and lifestyle.

  3. It's a nice way to connect with students from other countries.

The points mentioned against accept this group were:

  1. If any problem occurs, the consequences could be horrible.

  2. There are families who are not interested in having students from other places.

  3. The language could be a problem for communication.

I would therefore recommend to accept a group of students, but maybe 50 are excesive, so from my Point of view, I recommend to reduce the group only in 20 students, I think would be better for all. 


Imagine you were on a desert island. What important object, person or place in your life would You miss most? What would be the reasons? Write us an article answering these questions. We Will publish the best articles in the magazine.

Well, if I were on a desert island I'm sure that I would miss a lot of things, but as object I think I'll Miss my surfboard, I'm crazy about surfing, just thinking about stay on a desert island without the Possibility of surfing makes me cry!
Apart from that, I would miss my mother, she is always standing by me, helping in estudies, and Giving me everything that I need. I am not the best son that a mother could have, but I help at home And I try to not to discuss with my parents. Everytime I have problems she always bring me advice Or help, she is a very important person in my life.

The place that I would miss would be a district called Palma del Río, near from the city centre of Córdoba, the weather there is great, and the people are cute and friendly, and I never tasted such a Good ham in another place in Spain! 

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