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Human resources HR, Formerly known as Personnel the Cinderella of company department Production Managers manage production, sales directors head up their sales teams, other Directors do strictly speaking, direct employees. They act more as they Epartments: they deal with recruitment In conjunction with departmental managers, administer payment systems in tandem with accounts, they are perhaps present At performanceappraisal reviews when employees discuss with their managers how They are doing, they may be responsible for providing tralning: in industrial Relations, they are involved in complaints And disputes procedures, and they often have to break the news when people Are dismissed

Human resources Management specialists may be involved in:

introducing more 'scientific selection procedures: for example, The use of psychometric tests see What people are really like and what they are good at, rather than how they Come across in interviews,

·implementing policies Of empowerment, where employees and Managers are given authority to make decisions previously made at higher Levels.

·employee training and, More recently, coaching (ndividual Advice to employees on improving their career prospects and mentoring when senior managers help and Advise more junior ones in their organisation.

· diversity: Actions to eliminate racial and sexual Discrimination in hiring and promotion fight harassment the such as bullying and sexual harassment and encourage The idea that an organisation benefits when it has employees from different Backgrounds and culture

·incentive schemes to increase motivation through remuneration systems Designed to reward performance

 But their services may also be required when Organisations downsize and delayer, Eliminating levels of management to produce a leaner or fatter organisation, trying to maintain the morale of those that stay arranging severance packages for employees who Are mad redunant sometimes offering outplacement example putting them in Touch with potential employers and advising them on tralning possibilities.

 Professional people who are made redundant may Be able to make living as freelancers or n modern partance, portfolio workers, working for a number Of They hope to be on the receiving end when companies outsource activities, perhaps ones that were previously done In-house.

This is all part of flexibility, the idea that people Should be ready to change jobs more often, be prepared to work part time and so On. The message is that the era of lifetime Employment is over and that people should acquire and develop skills to Maintain their employabilityí!

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