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1) Tertiary crowding theories - lack of tooth wear, 3rd molar pression, late mandibular growth

2) Class II division 2 - MB cusp of U1M is medial to central sulcus of L1M; incr OJ; buccal displaced incisors
3)Increase arch length (therapeutic)- make most of leeway space; distal molar mvt; transversal expansion; incisor protrusion
4) Deep bite therapeutic tx - incisor intrusion; post. Segment extrusion; post. Segment eruption; buccal inclination of upper arches; surgery
5) Van der Linden classification- Type A (too much space); Type B (lack of space); Type C (more lack of space)
6) Class II division 2 - L1M is distal to U1M; UI retroclination; incr OB
7) Explain: 
Failure point- fracture/breaking point
Elastic limit- point in which if we release the load the material will return to its initial passive form
prop limit- point in which the force is prop to the deformation suffered
8) Difference between skeletal and dental cross bite - skeletal cross bite is when the palatal vault is narrow & maxillary teeth lean outwards, but are in cross bite; dental cross bite is when the base of the palatal vault is wide but the dental alveolar processes lean inwards (cause by distortion of the arch)

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