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Renewable energy: energy from sources that continue to exist, for example wind or the sun

Rising sea levels: the increased height of the level of seas and oceans

Sceptical: doubting that something is true or useful

Scenery: attractive, natural things that you see in the countryside

Switch: to change for using one thing is using another

Unspoilt countryside: areas of land that have not been changed or damaged by people

Yield: to produce or provide something

Wildlife conservation programme: a plan whose aim is to protect wild animals or plants.

Zero emissions: if something such as a machine or an industry has zero emissions, it does not release any harmful substances into the atmosphere


Afford: to have enough money to buy something

Attract publicity: to get attention in newspapers, on the TV, on the internet, etc.

Bargain: something that is sold for less than its usual price or its real value

Become common: to start to happen more often

Boost sales: to increase the number of things that are sold.

Branded product: a product that is well-known company and has that company's name or symbol on it

Efficient: working well and not wasting time or energy

End up: to finish by doing something because of a particular situation

Forecast: to say what you expect to happen in the future.

Go from shop to shop: to go to several different shops.

Highly profitable: making a large profit

Living standards: how pleasant and comfortable someone’s life is and how much money they have.

In the medium term: a period of time that starts now and continues for a length of time that is not particularly short or long

Outweigh: to be greater or more important than something else.

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