Divided attention

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Exam 2

MC Answers:

  • TRUE: Japanese macaque monkeys are the primate with the northernmost range other than humans

  • TRUE:  Pronghorn are the fastest land animal in North America

  • FALSE:  secondary sexual characteristics of animals would include the testes and the ovaries

  • TRUE: the black Grouse is a boreal species that lives in Eurasian Spruce bogs and forms leks

  • FALSE it the horns: the most common indicator that the Red Deer male uses to assess a rival male is the parallel walk

  • TRUE: ethologist have described several behaviors found in some chimpanzee populations that are not found in other chimpanzee populations

  • conditioned stimulus is originally neutral but will cause a response is associated with the secondary stimulus

  • unconditioned stimulus  causes and instinctual response such as fear

  • habituation means paying less attention to a stimulus over time

  • sensitization means paying more attention to a stimulus over time

  • appetitive stimulus is a stimulus that is pleasant

  • in a laboratory experiment Zenaida doves that live in groups learned forging tasks at a lower level than doves that lived in pairs

  • bandura’s classic Bobo Doll Experiment is a good example of social learning

  • One of the tenants of Bateman’s principle is that females tend to be to choosier sex

  • cultural transmission is different from Individual trial-and-error learning because in cultural transmission one individual can affect the behavior of a large group

  • for Behavior to be defined as teaching Caro and Hauser suggest that the teacher must teach naive students, provide information faster than the student could otherwise receive it, nd provide an immediate benefit to the student but not the teacher

  • The Mating behavior of many Grouse species is a good example of mate choice copying by females

  • which form of cultural transmission is operating when information is transferred from parents to offspring?  Vertical

  • an example of intersexual selection would be a female bird choosing a brightly-colored male as mate

  • regarding Stone play in macaque monkeys:  the number of stone play sessions decreases with age and the average time per stone play session increases with age

  • polygyny is a mating system that refers to one male two or more females

  • which of the following was a finding of Davies research on dunnicks? the placement of feeders reduced female dunnock territory size

  • which of the following statements about the benefits of lekking behavior is not true?  females receive direct benefits by choosing males  who are brightly colored

  • which of the following is true regarding old field mice?  they are monogamous species most offspring are fathered by The Nest holder and they are also called Beach mice

  • behaviors invented by Imo the macaque monkey included washing sweet potatoes and separating wheat from Sand

  • the Hamiltons-zuk hypothesis suggests that females choose a male based on the direct benefits he provides

  • and Extinction curve measures how long it takes to forget what it has learned

  • polygynandry is a mating system that refers to  two or more males/two or more females

  • the major histocompatibility complex are genes that code for work would suggest that females use odor to determine if a male is a good MCH match

Short Answer:

  • positive operant conditioning is a pleasant stimulus attached negative operant conditioning has an uncomfortable or painful stimulus attached

  • opportunity teaching occurs when a situation arises where learning can occur and needs to occur coaching is when the demonstrator continually teaches The Offspring until they get it

  • is when females choose a male because the mail has direct benefits such as food shelter and parental care of young provided to the female these direct benefits are important for her survival and her offsprings

  • lekking behavior is when males compete for females attention in order to mate with her females usually pick the healthier brighter males

  • sexy son hypothesis is when females choose males who are visually appealing and symmetrical

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