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1-. What is an inference?
An educated guess

2-. Does a strong reader can infer on how much certain is expressed in an interview?
Yes it does

3-. Can we infer by looking for words and phrases when reading an interview?
Yes, we can 

4-. What does "Can" describe?
Ability in present 

5-.What does  "Be able to" describe?
Ability in present

6-. What does "Could" describe?
General ability in the past

7-. What do we talk when we use simple past?
About actions, states and situations in the past

8-. What does the past progressive describe?
A continuous nonstop action that was in progress at a specific time in the past

9-. What are the infinitives of purpose?
The infinitives that are used to explain the purpose of an action

10-. What is it's longer form?
In order to + verb

21-. Could.                         (h)a) Past Continuous
22-. To + verb.                     (j)b) Ability in present
23-. Be able to.                   (b)c) Giving all your attention to something
24-. While.                          (a)d) General ability in the past
25-. Can.                            (f)e) Too scary to consider 
26-. Was / Were able to.    (d)f) Ability in present.
27-. Quotation.                   (i)g) Brabery.
28-. Focused.                     (c)h) General ability in the past.
29-.Daring.                         (g)i) Quotation Mark
30-. Unthinkable.               (e)j) Infinitives of purpose.

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