Divided attention

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In the mornings I Didn’t have a lot of time because If I wouldn’t have moved to Valencia, I hadn’t taken the underground. If I don’t have Breakfast coffe, I won’t pay attention in class as well as If I Arrive late to underground I won’t arrive on time a class. Afterclass I go back to my house, today is my best friend’s birthday but If I wouldn’t have spent my money in clothes, I had Have money to buy a present. We went to the cinema and we’ll see Jumanji but If the sky are cloudy, it will rain and we’ll wet on The way to the cinema. In case it rains I’ll take an umbrella and If I wetted for the rain, I would catch a cold. I After watching the Movie we went to Mc Donald’s, I’ll order an ice cream but If I Eat the ice cream very quickly, my head freezes. When the birthday Ends my mother comes for me by car to go home. Before I go to sleep I Put the phone to charge because If I don’t charge my phone, in the Morning I don’t have battery.

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