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DIRECT  METHOD CHARACTERISTIC:It was a reaction to the restriction of the grammar translation method./Translation was a banded and classes were in /new teaching points were introduced orally./Everyday English was taught through demonstration./Oral skills taught Indeductively /Correct pronunciation And grammar were emphatic      TEACHERS ROLES:Teachers had to be either speaker or have a very might level of the language /teachers skills were more important than the textbook /It was difficult for teachers to demonstrate everything with actions because translation was forbidden.  STUDENTS ROLES Students had to speak in the target language. The mother thought was forbidden /They had to ask and answer questions using the target language /They had to learn to think in the target language as soon as possible /They had to use common speech in adequate situation

AUDIO LINGUAL METHOD CHARACTERISTIC:This method is based on                       theory/ Language learning is a process of habits by memorize dialogues the chance of making mistakes is reduced./language is learned more effectively if it is presented orally en vez de in resting form./Grammar rules are not given until students had practiced a pattern in a variety of context./Vocabulary should be learnt in a linguistic and cultural context and not in isolation.                                                                                                                TEACHERS ROLES:The teachers roals is active.  It is a teacher dominated method. The teacher played attention to pronunciation, entonación and fluency. The must keep learned attended By varying task and drills and by choosing relevantes situations to practiques structures.                                                                                                           1.Learning languages is seen to result from verbal interaction between the student and the teacher./The teacher correct mistakes immediately /language must be adopted to students need and interest /Key structures are selected and used for the drills.       STUDENTS ROLES :Learners at first do not understand what they are selling but by listening to the teacher, imitation, responding to and performing tasked the learned through behavior. The process is the following: A) students hear the dialogue as many times as necessary B) students repeat each line in chorus and individual C) dialogue are memorize line by line and if necessary broken down into smaller parts D) students may look at text books and activities with reading or writing may be introduced although at the beginning reacting is limited to coping.                        CRITICISM:Language is through haved formation instead of meaningful learning/ children are not encourage to use creative abilities/ languages is not a habit forming structures, it includes creativities and learners complete.

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