Divided attention

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Information pack: info det by the senders hyp about what the receiver does and does not know. Old info / new info 

Sentence divided in 2 parts: informative part (rheme) add info or modify B) less info (theme) link sentence to the preceding discourse NEW INFO > OLD INFO.
Same meaning but NOT the same communicative significance. 
THE END-F / END-W principle: old to new info end focus is the accent of the sentence -Goes hand in hand with the END.-W 
Heavy struc may appear in intitial posi if theres a coflict between the two principle (RHEME) at the end. 
Stress can be placed on any element struc to which we want to give prominance (mainly for contr or empha) 
PACK INFO: 1) Syn devices =/ syn struc word order (clefts, frontings, extraposi) 
2) prosodic devi= intonation accent-shift 
Plausinility = discourse felicity interchangeable same point of the discourse - sentence convey same meaning 
1) Given old info precedes new info 2) FOCUS apperars towards the end END FOCUS PRINCIPLE 3) Heacy constitu tend to occur at or towards the end END- W priciple. 
Unmarked: basic structures (canonical order SVO) - No pragma effects intended -Nuclear accent on last acc word in the clause MARKED:: non-can order - high level yes pragma restricted -marked stress patterns 

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