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the text will then comment on a poem of the thirteenth century Catalan poet William bergueda of the last great poet tradiccio troubadour catalana.l 'time when the poem was written is the average age period that starts when the fifteenth century came in just where the Romance languages were formed and characterized because the king was that it had the greatest power over other social classes, nobles and high clergy were the only ones who could read and escriure.el poem is troubadour that is a lyric poem written in worship occita.el genus of this poem the song is way popular song that people sang when I was going somewhere or when the return is made treballava.De jana abrinada.el theme of the poem advice is to tell a lady to not casi.el degree AMV first verse of the poem because in middle age do not usually put him in title title poemes.el hath be present after having written the poem poema.argument recommends not to marry the man who would have wanted to marry and that the poet (the friend closet). divideiz the poem is in parts of verse 1 and 2 that the introducccio and the second part of the stanzas I-IV and not justified because the husband and in stanzas V-VI Part Three tells you that s'fallen in love and being loved with the poeta.Aquest poem is the malcassada shaped viadrera, a genre built with lyrical parallels Strophic late sixties style Cantigas de mentioned above The poem has seven stanzas with a distribution silabica of 7/7/4 least the first estrofaa that has only 2 verses, ek 7 silabbes first and second 4.per so we have a poem consisting of six and a Paired with Tercet tetrasil verses: labs and heptasil: art labs unless the scheme is in metric / a / b / c / c / b / a / / b / c / c / b / a / / b / c / c / b / .al poem find a parallel with the repetition of the same structure to not take the verses 1,3,6 false husband, but we can see a sign of a pseudonym to hide indentitat vertadeera the dama.en ocnclusio we can say that the author uses the verse of each stanza Latest remembered by the name of the lady who loves wing characteristic of the end of love

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