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present simp I you we work. She works. X, ss, sh, ch= es, y =ies -I don´t work. She doesn´t work. pre perfec  hize enel pas y continu have has sin to I have seen the sky. pre continuos I am, are  working. She = is  working. -i´m not working she isn´t working pasa simple I saw a movie las night. Pas q termi tds ls promon ED did pas continu was were. I was waching tv. She =was ( they were) 1 sila ajet er old, older. Safe safer. V.C.V = big bigger. Hot hotter. Tahn.noisy noisier. Dirty dirtier. Than. 2 o 3 sila more. More boring. More buiriul. irregula good better. Bad worse. Far further than.

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