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  • SOIVRE FIVE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ACTIVITIES: 1) AgroAlimentaryProductsControl:

    Food products: Agricultural, fish, olive oil, canned food, and similar products contained in a closed list.

  •   Inspection

  •   Control

  •   Provide a conformity certificate of commercial quality

2) Industrial Security Items Control:

Toys, Protective equipment, Electrical equipment, Clothes, Shoes  Inspection


 Control
 Provide a conformity certificate of commercial quality

3) VoluntaryCertificates:

  •   Required by a private Company to demonstrate the quality of its products.

  •   As result of agreements subscribed with third Countries in order to ease

    the commerce of certain products.

    4) TechnicalAssistancetotraders:

    It provides SOIVRE an added value.
    Today SOIVRE does not only inspections and provides certificates.

    Also provides support and helps to solve problems that take place as consequence of exports.

  •   Attend consultations

  •   Make comparative studies

  •   Work with entities located at destination counties to avoid inspections at


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