What does Dorian Gray say before his portrait?

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Vocabulary: 1)well-off=rich 2)invaluable=worth a lot 3)appropiately=suitably 4)enhance=improve 5)second-hand=used 6)downside=disadvantage

7)in the limelight=noticed 8)caters for=provides for

 Expressions: 1)pay my way 2)not to mention 3)make a point 4)do the counds 5)well-to-do 6)make a compromise 7)dressed too casually 8)keep up 9)put together 10)keep away from 11) put aside 12)keep up with 13)put forward 14)keep down 15)put (something) behind(you) 16)put through to 17)keep off

Grammar: 1)I prefer working in the morning to working at night/`I'd prefer to work in the morning 2)I would rather work in the morning than work at night/I'd rather we prefer (leave)now 3)I advise you to stop smoking/You had better stop somking 4)It's time to leave/It's about time for us to have dinner/It's high time you started studying 5)The article was so intersting that everyone read it/It was such an interesting article that everyone read it 6)He was too inmature for the job/He was not mature enough for the job 7)I didn't realise what a difficult job this was/I didn't ralise how difficult this job was 8)We got used to reading the news in English although it was difficult at first 9)They are used to reading the news in English, so it's easy for them

Words to use in grammar: 1)so=asi que 2)such=tal 3)too=también 4)how=cómo 5)what=qué 6)enough=suficiente

Literature: The Picture of Dorian Gray: It's a story in which a man called Dorian make a wish in which he says that he don't whant to be aging instead the portrait painted is going to get aged. But then he don't like to be beauty and the portrait gets horrible. After some escenes Dorian brokes the portrait and is like killing his own body.

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