Dr jekyll and mr. Hyde

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Activity 1: 1 Because he was frightened. 2 Because he recognised the house. 3 If Dr Jekyll disappears or goes away. 4 Because they found a letter addressed to him on Sir Danvers Carew’s body. 5 He thought Dr Jekyll had forged a letter for a murderer. 6 Because he had done terrible things and this was his punishment. 7 He asked him to go and get some powders and a book from his laboratory. 8 Mr Hyde came to get the powders. 9 Because the two parts of nature fight against each other. 10 He decided to give him a separate bank account and his own house. 11 He needed to change back into Doctor Jekyll because the police were Looking for Mr Hyde. 12 Because he was evil. 13 Because he was afraid of the police. 14 He thought that the impurity in the original powders made them work. Timeline    Activity 2
 1 One Sunday, possibly in November, Mr Enfield tells Mr Utterson the story Of a strange-looking door they pass. 2 Utterson waits for Hyde outside the door for days or weeks. Then he meets Hyde and visits Jekyll’s house. 3 A year later. Mr Utterson takes the police to Mr Hyde’s house. 4 Utterson has dinner with Dr Jekyll on the 8th of January. 5 Mr Utterson tries to visit Dr Jekyll. 6 Mr Utterson visits Dr Lanyon. 7 A week later Dr Lanyon dies. 8 Poole comes to see Mr Utterson and they return to Dr Jekyll’s house Together. 9 Dr Jekyll kills himself. 10 Mr Utterson takes some papers home to read

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