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be - was   become - became   buy- bought   can-could  come-came  do-did

drink-drank   fall-fell   find-found   get-got   give-gave   go-went | have-had  
know-knew   learn-learned   leave-left   lose-last   make-made   meet-met  
read-read   run-ran   see-saw   send-sent   speak-spoke     spend-spent  
take-took   teach-taught   think-thought   wear-ware   win-won   write-wrote 

australia-australian   belarus-belarusian   brazil-brazilian   britian-british  
china-chinese   croatia-croatian   the czech republic-czech   egypt-egyptian 
france-franch   italy-italian   jamaica-jamaican   japan-japonese 
lithuania-lituhuania   poland-polish   the republic of ireland-irish   romania-romanian   russia-russian   slovakia-slovekian   south african-shouth african
spain-spanish   sweden-swedish   turkey-turkish   ukraine-ukrainian
the usa-american

could= pudiste   couldn´t= no pudiste    was=fue  wasn´t= no fue

  presents       past                                          past expressions
i am           i was 
you are      you were                                         yesterday, last.....
he is         he was                                                a year ago...
she is       she was
it is             it was                                                        a _____ ago                  
we are    we here
you are   you here
they are    they are

derecha: right  izquierda: left   doblar: turn   seguir derecho: go straing
doblar a la derecha/izquierda: turn right/left    
esta a la derecha/izquierda: its on right/left     al lado de: nex to...
al frente de el: opposite to   detras de: de hind   pase por: go past...

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