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Texto Inglés: Mma Ramotswe

Mma Ramotswe raised her tea cup to her lips and looked over The brim. At the edge of the car park, immediately in front of the café, a Small market had been set up, with brader´s stalls and trays of colourfol Goods. She watched as a man attempted to persuade a customer to buy a pair of Sunglasses. The woman trie don several pairs, but was not satisfied and moved On to the next stall. There she pointed to a small piece of silver jewellery, a bangle, and the trader, a short man wearing a widecrimmed felt hat, passed it Across to her try on. Mma Ramotswe watched as the woman held out her wrist to Be admired by the trader who nodded encouragment. But he woman seemed not to Agree with his verdict, and handed the bangle back, pointing to another ítem at The back of the stall. And at that momento, while the treader turned round to Stretch for whatever it was she had singled out, the woman quickly slipped Another bangle into the pocket of the jacket she was wearing.                                                      Mma Ramotswe Gasped. This time she could not sit back and allow a crime to be committed Before her very eyes. If people did nothing, then no wonder that things were Getting worse. So she stood up, and began to walk firmly towards the stall Where the woman had now engaged the trader in earnest discussion about the Merits of the merchandise which he was showing her.                                                                                                                   “Excuse me. Mma”.                                                                                                                     The voice came from behind her, and Mma Ramotswe turned round to see who Had addressed her. It was the waitress, a young woman whom Mma Ramotswe had not Seen at he café before.                                                         “Yes, Mma, what is it?”                                                                                                        The waitress pointed an accusing finger at her. “You cannot run away Like that”, she said. “I saw you. You´re trying to goa way without paying the bill. I saw you”.                                                                                                                       For a moment Mma Ramotswe Was unable to speak. The accusation was a terrible one, and so unwarranted.                                                                         Of course she had not been trying To geta way without paying the bill - she would never do such a thing: all she Was doing was trying to stop a crime being commited before his eyes.                                                                                      She recovered sufficiently to reply. “I am not trying to goa way, Mma”, She said. “I am just trying to stop that person over there from stealing from That man. Then i would have come back to pay”.                                          The Waitress smiled knowingly. “They all find some excuse”, she said. “Every day There are some people like you. They come and eat our food and they runa way And hide. You people are all the same”.                                       Mma Ramotswa looked over toward the stall. The woman had begun to walk away, Presumably with the bangle still firmly in her pocket. It would now be too late To do anything about it, and all because of this silly young woman who had Misundrstood what she was doing.                                                   She went back to the table and sat down. “Bring me the bill”, she said. “I will pay it straightaway”.                                                                                                      The waitress stayed at her. “I will brign you the bill”, she said, “but I shall have to add something for myself. I will have to add this if you do not Want me to call the pólice and tell them about how you tried to run          away”.                                                                                                                                  As the waitress Went off to fetch the bill, Mma Ramotswe glanced around her to see if people at The neighbouring tables had witnessed the scene. At the table next to hers, a Woman sat with her two children, who were sipping with great pleasure at large Milkshakes. The woman smiled at Mma Ramotswe, and turned her attention back to The children. She had not seen anything, thought Mma Ramotswe, but then the Woman leaned across the table and addressed a remark to her.                                                         “Bad luck, Mma”, She said. “They are too quick in this place. It is easier to runa way at the Hotels”.

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