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Inventar um parágrafo

Tim looked in the Mirror and understood that the nightmare was finally over, because The Copy was Dead. After that, Fiona and Tim went to the football pitch to confront Mat. They talked to Mat and, eventually, everybody became good friends. 

1.Match the synonyms.

1.       1-Go off  after him.           a) Looking directly at someone    1. D)

2.      2- Lost my nerve                  b) Clean the ground                          2. J)

3.       3- Stood staring                    c) Escape                                               3. A)

4.      4-  Heck of a shock                               d) Chase down                                   4. L)

5.the faintest idea             e) The slightest clue                          5. E)

6.wondering how                              f) He answered                                                   6. G)

7.wipe the floor                  g) Thinking about how                      7. B)

8.suddenly                            h) Unexpectedly                                8. H)

9.he replied                          i) strong-minded                                9. F)

10.ran off                                 j) Lose my courage                             10. C)

11.seemed determined     k) any other Place                              11. I)

12.going on in my mind      l) in a Complete surprise                 12. J)

13.somewhere else             j) a Continuous though                                    13. K)

2.Answer the flowing questions about The excerpt

a)Explain Tim´s intentions in creating A copy of him.

-Tim´s intention in creating a copy Of himself was to help him in fighting Mat Hodson

b)“The Copy” was not very brave. Justify the copy´s behavior.

-The Copy was not very brave because The Copy was exactly like Tim.

c)What made Tim realize that the Copy was A liar?

-Tim considered The Copy a liar Because he was trying to take advantage of his life.

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