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Q.3. Explain the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors by giving examples of each.
Primary Sector :- All those economic activities that are undertaken by Directly using natural resources are included in primary sector. For example, Mining, forestry, fishing, poultry etc.Secondary sector :- It cover Activities in which natural products are changed into other forms through ways Of manufacturing that we generally associate with industrial activities. For Example, after obtaining a crop, say cotton, we need machines to change it into Yarn and cloth.Tertiary Sector :- These are the activities that help in The development of the primary and secondary sectors. These activities, by Themselves do not produce any good but they are an aid or a support for the Production process. For example, any good produced in primary or secondary Sector need to be transported to the market. That will be done by tertiary Sector. It is also called service sector.

Q.5. ‘Economic activities, though grouped into three different categories, are Highly interdependent.’ - Discuss. Ans. All Economic activities are Interdependent as no activity can sustain itself alone –Economics activities in All sectors are interdependent. Primary sector provides raw materials for secondary sector. For example, tobacco is needed for cigarette industry, Sugarcane is needed for sugar industry. To provide transportation, banking Facilities, management to the primary and secondary sectors, tertiary sector is Needed.

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