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debts/on sale/nagging/belongings/went out Of../receipt - is out of bounds for us/was overpriced/me a refund/ can’t afford The tickets/check the price tag - pastime/bargain/get rid of/sweatshop/afford/miserable/make An effort - settle for/ have inherited/ faked/’ve overheard/nodded/flee/got To/take a break - paid a compliment/making a mistake/make a decis./do the Shopping/pay attention/make a phone call/make a living - environment friend./amount/destroys/harmful/set Up/pollution - The manager with whom I had the first… Tomorrow we are having on Our front door changed… - Debb should have her eyes checked/ He might have lost The bus - from/in/to/at/to - will be given/everyone was told to get - would have Washed/will have painted/has been looking/was cancelled

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