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Ability--- can, could, be able to 
Permission--- may, can, be allowed to 
Advice--- shoud, ougth to 
Possibility--- may, migth, could 
Obligation--- must, have tú, Nedd to, needn't(i,n) 
Prohibition--- mustn't , cant 
Abbcence of obli--- dnt have to, neednt (no necesitas hacer algo
Certainty--- must, cant 
Pre. S--- is + 3 Pre. C--- is being + 3 Pre.P ---- has been + 3 Pas. S---- was + 3 Pas. C--- was being +3 Pas. P--- had been + 3 Will--- will be + 3 Be going to--- is going to be + 3 
-----Have o get + object + 3

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