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This book is the story of a woman named Hortense. This dam is pregnant and Sales in prison for belonging to the guerrillas. Beside her are Tomasa, Reme and Elvira. Pepa is the sister of Hortense and turns to see if there visit. Lives in Dona Celia's pension and works as a maid for Don Fernando, Pepita One day you receive the message that must be on the hill with Philip, husband of Daisy, but when she goes there meets Pauline, she did not know. At that meeting Paulino Pip and fall in love. She discovers that the black jacket Paulino, Felipe Paulino and decide to flee to France, before they left, Felipe Paulino takes to see Daisy in jail. Then they go to Toulouse with new names, Felipe Bejarano is Matt and Jaime Paulino Alcántara. Hortensia Case removed, but granted him life until the birth of your daughter. He has a child who called Tension. When the child is one and half month shoot Daisy. Dona Celia gives the drink to Nugget. In jail Reme works in the sewing room where sewing for the soldiers, but she has devised a plan to smuggle out clothes. Through this plan a flight plan for escape Sole. James and Matthew have returned from France and was wearing a Falangist and displaying a forged order was carried Sole to move her to another prison. It will also carry Elvira The plan is a success and after spending time in the Sole mount them meets with his daughter. Celia Elvira renamed and is one more than the guerrillas. One day, while in the mountains, came the civil guard by surprise and killed Matthew before his arrest. Elvira gets lost and finds the Peque, here they fall in love and spend time together but then separated and both believe the other is dead, but it is not. Since returning to find will no longer be separated, will marry and continue living in Prague. In this operation of the phalanx caught Jaime and get him in the prison of Burgos, where is Don Gerardo. Pepita Burgos going every year for Christmas to see it go on Sundays at the Casa de Campo, where a snack pretending women meet the Communist Party. Tomasa came years after he did Reme. Jaime spends nineteen years in prison, until the occasion of the death of Pope grant a amnisticio. Pepita was waiting outside ready to take the train and go to Madrid and then to Cordoba. Tension, which is affiliated to the Communist Party.
Pepita is Cordovan azulísimos-eyed blonde. Pepa called it until he discovered that the prison La Pepa was the death sentence, then call back Pepita was like when I was a child. She was the sister of Hortense and has always been careful to Tensi. He waited many years to James because he truly loved the end, twenty years after meeting could be married. He never wanted to join the Communist Party because, as she had brought only trouble, but actively participated in, but stressed that it was only by Jaime. He is a strong and brave, although she does not consider that.
Jaime Paulino Alcántara previously and is the leader of a black jacket guerrilla group. Elvira's brother and forgave not leave the port of Alicante, where she was caught. Love Pip and often never contacted her to not endanger it and asked many times if I was sure I wanted to wait because he was wasting his youth. He was caught and sentenced to thirty years in prison, because they knew it was the black jacket, of which he served through a nineteen amnisticio following the Pope's death. At the end of the novel when she leaves with Pepita Cordoba in his pocket the Communist Party leadership in Cordoba, a fact which shows that despite all the suffering remains true to its principles and ideals.
Daisy was the wife of Philip I loved him very much. She was dark, curly hair pulled back in braids, brown eyes and her teeth apart. I was in prison for collaborating with the guerrillas. She was pregnant and was sentenced to death, but thanks to Pepita got to wait to run until the child had been born when it was a month and a half shot. Dona Celia washed her face, closed his eyes and cut a piece of her dress to take to Pepita. He was brave and despite being pregnant actively fought for his ideals.
Mateo Felipe Bejarano previously. Above all loved Daisy and affectionately called Tension. He believed deeply in his ideals and continuing to fight from within the country he returned to Toulouse and Jaime risk of being caught. Civil guard died when they were surprised at the camp where they spent the night.
Elvira was a redhead and her brother loved to move it to the queue was very long. She was only sixteen when thanks to his brother Matthew and escaped from prison and joined with them to the guerrilla army. It was here when it changed its name to Celia in memory of his grandmother and Celia Gámez. He had entered prison as a child and left a woman. The day they killed Matthew fell in love with The Little, another member of the guerrillas, but then they separated for ten years and believed he was dead. Met again in Prague without knowing it, he also believed that Celia had died. They married and continued to live there as part both of the Communist Party.

Tomasa lost his children, his daughter, his granddaughter and her husband, who saved his life tapándola with your body. To everyone, except her granddaughter who died of hunger, and then threw him to the Tajo shot. For this reason was keen to see the sea, because I knew everything that bears the river ends in the sea. In prison he had a very bad about not bowing to nothing and spent time in the punishment cells. Next to Reme made him a good trick to snitch, it had mange and after applying an ointment was offered a yellow jersey, Reme she wore one red and one purple, was on the anniversary of the establishment of the republic, with the informer walked amid the yard carrying the Republican banner. For many years refused mourn the death of his own and refused to tell his story. She felt very lonely to be her in the prison of the only sales of his former group.
Reme was in prison for stitching a republican flag. Benjamin was married and had three daughters and a son who arrived late and was delayed. She always got letters and packages, unlike Tomasa, so when he left prison Reme sent a letter every fortnight and packages to his friend who called sister. When releasing her friend returned to her village with her and her husband, her son had died and his daughters were married.
Sole was a midwife and assisted with the birth Tensi. He was imprisoned for belonging to the party. Tomasa fed through a tube while he was in the cooler until with the help of James and Matthew fled. His daughter was Amalia, the woman who got the new documents and the men to flee to Toulouse. Sole and her daughter went to France and then exiled to Mexico from where they continued to take active part in the Communist Party.
Dona Celia owner of the pension where he lived Pepita Atocha. Almudena lost her daughter, who died shot by Falangists. Came every morning along with his niece Isabel cemetery and hidden in a vault waiting for the prisoners shot, then came out of hiding and cut a piece of cloth from their clothing to show it to relatives waiting outside, so these know whether their loved ones had been shot that day there or not.
Don Gerardo Dona Celia's husband was imprisoned for many years in prison in Burgos, which shared some with Jaime. When he was released he returned to his wife and continued as the pension.
Tension daughter Hortense, only shared with his mother the first month of life, his father never got to know. He grew up reading the books from her mother, and although his aunt, whom he considered his mother and called her mother, tried to keep her away was interested in politics and eventually join the Communist Party. She was blond and blue-eyed, physically resembled more that Pepita Daisy, but in their ideas were similar to those of their parents.
Don Javier was the grandfather of Pauline and Elvira and they were his only family. He was imprisoned at Pamplona and his granddaughter when he moved to Madrid. After this flight made sure that Jaime could return to their city. He died of pneumonia while serving a sentence in Jaime Burgos.
Don Fernando was a doctor, but after attending a killing doing nothing decided to leave medicine and served as an accountant at a silver. His wife forgave him and lived in separate doors. Pepita worked at home and when she was brought to the Interior asked his father to take it in return took a job as a doctor in the prison of Sales. His wife returned with him and Pepita was fired. Don Fernando took the Interior only for her to speak and could not give his name, Don Fernando knew the black jacket. Like years later was to offer a bonus when Jaime was also imprisoned and she was going to go see him, just did it to save himself.
The Poison Sister Mary of the Angels ruled the roost in jail in Las Ventas. It was very bad and many feared. After the flight of Sole and Elvira was she who sent the shoes to Malaga.
The shoes policeman responsible to give permission to transport let Sole and also will be Elvira. She wore a high chignon live Spain, always sucked a lemon that left poke through her lips painted red.
Mercedes widow, was offered a position in the prison of Sales. It was not known and would impose good, but the inmates felt that was good and it was very bad. I wanted to impress their superiors and to see that the dams are not taking enserio volunteered to help Don Fernando in nursing. She wore a banana bun filled with pins from which the inmates were mocking.
Space and time. The novel is set in the early years where the repression of Franco's regime was brutal internal war and everyone was in a Spain which was devastated and fear everyone and everything was the order. The sleepy voice begins just after the end of the Spanish Civil War and we will tell the story until 1963, the year that James is released and is home at last with Pepita. Even where it is most recreates the author is in the forties. Despite starting the narrative after the war, the characters make constant allusions to the past, they remember their lives as they were during the war, and eventually the jail ... The prison of Sales is undoubtedly one of the scenarios most important work, since they spend their days in her Daisy, Reme, Tomasa, Elvira and all other guilty or innocent women spent much time there. Atocha's pension where Tension grows impatient and where Pepita want to hear from James as he makes a living sewing is another important stage, as the criminal in Burgos and Don Jaime Gerardo Christmas hope to see Dona Celia and Pepita.The church of St. Jude is where Pepita finally marries Jim, is also where they were before the leave and Pepita has been going to ask for favors from the saint of the major imposiblesofreciéndole handouts and light candles. Another important stage is the cemetery every morning at Dona Celia goes for relatives of those shot that morning to know where their serequeridos.

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