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Condicionales: 1º Presente, Will = Certezas || 2º Pasado, Would = Imaginaciones || 3º Perfecto (Have/Had + 3ª Columna) , Would have = Imposible

Wish: Presente = Pasado | Pasado = Perfecto | Futuro = Would + inf | Quejas = Would + inf

Have sb Done: The engineer has repaired my televisión = I have my televisión repaired

Reported Speech: Here = There | Ago = Before | Yesterday = Previous day | Such = So | Too = enough | adj + enough | too + Adj

He suggested + vb ing… NO CAMBIA LA PERSONA


I started climbing Four years ago = I have being Climbing since four years.

It is possible That they will be replaced by robots = They would be replaced by robots.

I am impatient to Watch the last Star Wars film = I Am looking for watching the last SW film.

The pupils have Invited many teachers to the end-of-year party = Many teachers have been invited to the end-of-year Party by the pupils.

I'm sorry I Haven't got more friends = I Wish I had more friends.

I need to see the Bank manager = Who do you need to See?

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