Dynastic union ferdinand and isabella

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In 1469, the half-sister of Enrique IV of Castilla, married Fernando, Crown Prince of Aragón. When Enrique died in 1474, Juana la Beltraneja followers of his daughter and the war started in 1474.Juana supported Portugal and Isabel, Aragón. Isabel won in 1479.Fernando became King of Aragón after the death of his father.The result was the dynastic union of Castilla and Aragón.Hispanic Monarchy.Domestic reforms:a permanent army was formed with professional mercenaries which defended the nobility.Taxes control.Santa Hermandad was created to fight crime in Castilla.Power of General Cortes was reduced.Viceroy possition was created, the figure represented the monarchs in each kingdom.Inquisition was established in Castill.

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