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>>> Types of landslides

1) mass movement.

-creep: desenzo gravuitacional lentp and discontinuous altered material k cntituyen most superficial layer of the ground

- Casting of clay continuous flow or fall fast and practical materials as clays biscosos k there is a plane without breaking.

-solifusion: similar to strained xk differs clay is slow and results from cla cnvinacion flow movements and retaccion.

- Gliding rocs moviento of bark or soil surface down on a break located at the BOTTOM, may be 2 type of traslacionakles and rotational.

2) individualized materials Desplazanmientos

- Release: fall sharply and isolated rock fragments blokes or a Taud.

- Avalenchas: landslides and dry mass of sand or stone blokes

>>> Prediction, prevention and correction

spatial prediction of slope movements easy, the timing is more difficult, should the factoires k analizr can boost fenomno, develop maps for everyone with these maps can be made hazard maps. d corrctoras measures besides the elaboration of risk maps of medidads of civil preteccion can say:

- Modify the geometry of the slopes to prevent landslides rotational.

pickup-building drains the surface runoff.

-the slope decreases revejetacion erosion due to runoff and abides x plentacion species of eucalypts cm water.

-containment measures.

- Increasing the resistance of the ground

>> SUSISDENCIAS and collapse

1) SUSISTENCIAS: slowly sinking soil as the settlement of the ground after estraccion fluid (water and oil)

2) collapse: collapse abrupt vertical field of solution d reultante limestone or gypsum.

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