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18. How do humans behave in the state...

Hobbes--> agressive, war of everyone against everyone.
Rousseau--> peacefully and independetly in harmony
19. What's the invisible hand?
A mechanism that regulates economy without intervention. This system works because each person tries to maximize its own benefit.
21. According to Marx which are the...
Alienation, exploitation, working and niling class
22. Which economic theory did Marx and Smith  propose?
Smith: capitalism -- private companies, offeig demmand, free market economy, invisible hand, laisez faire.
Marx:  comunism-- communer ownership, absence of class.
23. How's the perfect leade according to Plato and machia?
Plato: wise, just and truthfull, educated to be a ruler, expert. Virtue--> virtuals city--> ordered-->restoration morals--> better life.
Machia: virtú (strenght, skill) Ruthless, practical. Needs ability to be cruel and fortung; tell the truth and honest. Must be favorable in adverse circumstances and able to stop problems before they are. NOT MORAL.

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