Ecuadorian Literature

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Language Arts: reading, listening, speaking, writing
Graphic Organizers .- visual structures for organizing knowledge, thought, ideas, information, etc..
Reading .- informative, intellectual, studio, laboratory, recreational
Story is a short story about a single fact or fantasy consists of: expocicon, knot, descenlance
Overview of the Ecuadorian literature: pre-Columbian XV (literature transmitted orally, founding the kingdom of quito, quito conquest of the kingdom of the Incas, Huascar and Atahualpa war, appear amautas and Arava). Time colonial.-XVI-XVII (discovery and conquest of the kingdom of Quito, culture by the clergy, creation of the Royal Audience of Quito 1563)
Literary figures
Descriptive .- chronography, etopeya (description of moral qualities), prosopography (description of physical features), solemnity (attribute human qualities to animals).
Repetitive .- anaphora (repetition of a word at the beginning of each verse), asyndeton (conjunctions to add emphasis deleted) polysyndeton (is to repeat a conjunction) pun (consisting of a repeated intervention of the ored expression of words)
Emotivas.-apostrophe, supplication, excalmacion, execaracion
Intellective .- allegory, antithesis, hyperbole, paradox, Case
Sensitive .- sensations sinestecias

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