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Epic in Ecuador .- The first work of epic conquest of Menorca is written by Jose Orozco. Jose Joaquin de Olmedo (Guayaquil 1780-1847) is considered the first epic figure of Ecuador and Latin America. He was one of the main managers of the independence of Guayaquil and participated in the first constitution. The song was inspired to bolivar war actions in favor of independence battles of Junín and Ayacucho structure. Battle of Junín nature presents an atmosphere of victory, invocation of the muse, proclamation bolivar, battle, imploring the sun. Battle of Ayacucho Huaynacapac harangue, sucre intervention battle, victorious welcome bolivar lima, ends the song and the poet leaves the pedestal of his inspiration.
Lirica Columbian .- is the poetry of Aboriginal works that have been discovered are elegy on the death of Atahualpa, chronic wars Jacinto Huascar and Atahualpa collahuazo

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