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The importance of learning languages

Nowadays, it is very important to learn languages whether if you Live in a small country or a big one.
Learning languages is necessary to improve yourself as a person, because then You can communicate with a lot of people. In this case, you can share a lot of Information and experience, which helps you to understand the things that Happen around you better.
Malaga is a part of the Sun Coast. We receive a great number of foreign people For the whole year and we have to treat them as well as possible so that they Enjoy their holidays. If we want to do it right we must understand them Perfectly and we have to try to help them to get what they want, all of it Because they spend a lot of money.
You can speak a language perfectly but you will never be able to communicate as Well as in your native language.
To conclude, if you want to learn languages you have to go to the country where It is spoken. If you work as a receptionist, as a tour guide, as a waiter, and If your job depends on tourists, you have to learn several languages.

Schools don't prepare students for life in the real world

Year after year, parents are concerned about their children's education with reference to a good academic education. Parents and teachers ask Themselves if they are doing enough for them.
On the one hand, parents think that education is the responsibility of the teacher, at school timetable. On the other hand, parents are working all day an Don't help them enough.
I think education is the teachers' job and manners are parents' job.
Nowadays, parents allow their children to spend too much time watching TV or Playing video games. Teenagers get their parents to buy them mobile phones, When they are eight or nine.
Furthermore, children normally break their promises to their parents or Teachers, that they will work harder. They're not interested in the subjects. They are living in a virtual reality, I think.
To sum up, students, parents and teachers, should work together to get responsible And good students.
In my opinion, responsible students, are always interested in improving their Lessons.

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