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THE CONGRESS OFF VIENA:Ther leaders of various european states met at the congress of viena(1814-1815)where they agree the following measures:THE RESTORATION OF ABSOLUTE MONARCHY:the european monarcs who had been deposed by Napoleon returned to power.Howewer,some of these monarchs had to accept constitutional limits to their power.CHANGES TO EUROPE' BORDERS:Napoleon's conquests had transformed the mp of europe.After this defeat another series of changes were made.TWO alliances were formed to enforce the agreementsof the congress of viena,and also to support europe'srestored monarchs in the event of revolution.The holly aliances:russia autria and prussia.The quuadruple alliances:the three menbers of the holy aliance plus grat britain.THE REIGN OF Fernando THE VII: three periods:the retoration of absolutisim: when he returned t spain Fernando the 7 had the support of the spanish people,who received him as their legislative king.He was also supported by absolutists,who remanded areturn to the political system of the ancient regime.After becoming king ,fernand7 abolished the constitution of 1812and ruled as an absolute monarch.THE LIBERAL PERIOD:some members of the spanish military rebelled against this returnto absolutiim and in 1820 there was a succesful revolt led by two army officers riego and quirga.As a result the king restores  the liberal constitution of 1812and with it the rigths and feedoms that had been suppressed.THE VICTORY OF ABSOLUTISIM:in 1823 Fernando 7 asked the holly aliance to assist him in re-establising absolutisim.This decison le to more revolts ,but this time they were not succesful.

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