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4.1. WHAT ARE TYPES OF STUDIES IN THE INVESTIGATION OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR? However, to avoid some confusion in this book take Dankhe classification (1986), who divided into: exploratory, descriptive, correlational and explanatory. This classification is important because the type of study concerned with the research strategy varies. The design, data is collected, how to obtain them, sampling and other components of the research process are different in exploratory studies, descriptive, correlational and explanatory. In practice, any study can include elements of more than one of these four kinds of research.
Exploratory studies are used to "prepare the ground" and usually precede the other three types (Dankhe, 1986). Descriptive studies are usually based correlational research, which in turn provide information to carry out studies explaining that generate a sense of understanding and are highly structured. Investigations are being carried out in a field of specific knowledge may include the types of study at various stages of development. An exploratory investigation can be initiated after being descriptive and correlational, and end up as explanatory.

4.2. What are exploratory studies?
Exploratory studies are done, normally, when the objective is to examine an issue or research problem rarely studied or has not been addressed before.

4.3. What are descriptive studies?
Descriptive studies seek to specify the important properties of individuals, groups, communities or other phenomenon that are tested over

4.4. What are Correlational studies?
That is, these studies are intended to measure the degree of relationship that exists between two or more concepts or variables (in a particular context).

4.5. What are STUDIES explain?
They are designed to address the causes of physical or social events. As its name suggests, its focus is on explain why a phenomenon occurs and under what conditions it occurs, or why two or more variables are related.

4.7. What determines that an inquiry It began as exploratory, descriptive, correlational 0 explain?
As mentioned earlier, two factors that influence whether an investigation is initiated as exploratory, descriptive, correlational or explanatory: the state of knowledge in the field of research that would reveal the review of the literature and the approach that the researcher intends to give his study.


the four types of research are equally valid and important.

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