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Books are essential for the children's learning. It allows them to develop their attitude and pick knowledge up really quickly. Some people say that young people are responsible enough to take care of the books. However, I believe there is advantages and disadvantages./ On the one hand, the main advantage of free books is that family doesn't have to buy them if they can't. Furthermore, they can attend classes without paying fees./ On the other hand, the disadvantage are that even though some teenagers are mature enough to have this opportunities, the majority are not. Another reason, is the question who should pay for them? In my opinion, together, we can buy the original book and then print for everyone. In that way, the books cost less money./ To sum up, books are useful for people who take care. As far as I'm concerned, eveyone needs books but not everybody has money, so we can all help each other.

The aim of this report is to evaluate the facilities for students at Almadrava Secondary schoo, and to make some suggestions for improvements./ Facilities: Nowadays, evey school has a computer room, a canteen, a music room and a library. The facilities that younger students use most is the computer room, while the facilities that older students use most are the canteen and the library. The majority of students buy snacks in the canteen every day, 40% bring their own snacks. The rest, don't eat in the break time./ Positive features: In general, students are happy with the facilities. The compuer room was particularly popular and most students think there are a lot of computers. Moreover, the music room, has a lot of instruments such as piano, guitar../ Areas for improvements: Even though, students like the canteen, about 30% said that it wasn't a goood place to meet and chat with friends because it's too crowded. As far as the library is concerned, a number of students felt there were not enough books. In addition, older students in particular would like a separate room where they can relax.

A strange thing happened to me once. I was walking in the street, when suddenly I decided go to the park. Then I checked my ohone and I read in the news that a valuable necklace have been stolen. Suddenly, I heard a strange noise, and I think it must have been the wind. I had been waiting if that noise will come back, but eventually I gave up and went home./ A few days later, in the newa only reported about that valuable necklace and the police investigated who could have been the thief. But they didn't know what was the footprints. It didn't look like an human fingerprints. I felt a bit tired, so I decided go to the park again and I sat in the same place. Later, I heard the strange noise again. I didn't wanto to know the origin but thankfully I did. It was a dog!/ Amazingly, the dog has in his mouth the valuable necklace, After that, I called the police. The funnt thing was that the footprints in the jewellery were from the dog,

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