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-Compltete(M+L) chiasm ---->Blind in both eyes--->No Light Reaction
- To Centeri Disasm--->Bitempiral Heteronimic hemianopia
-visual nervE+lateral art--->Binalsaheternomic hemianopsia
-Optic nerve---->Blind in same eye/  ↓ eye sight

Ptosis of upper eyelid/Eye moves Down + out /....Hemiparesis!

^^What kind of parlaysis:
Peripheral Paralysis/Damage to anterior horn C5-T1/Motor Neutron

^^Sensry dysfunction:
-Internal Capsule---->No Feeling On opposute Face/Waist/Limb!
-Lat Fiber of spinal cord--->Pain+Temp or Opp 2/3
-Anterior grey material----> Pain + Temp on both sides 2-3 segments
-Posterior spinal cord----> Loss of Deep sensation

-Strong manidbular reflex--->Tract CS on side
-Lack of Lower mandibular reflex--->trigeminal nerve motor neuron
-No Sensation on same side of face--> Sensory radix

---<(Lateral Column Contrlteraly)-->anterior horn!
''lateral CS tract)
^^Optic chiasm
^^Trigeminal nerve:(longest)
''sensation of Temp and pain on same side....Third branch ''

^^glosophryneal nerve(Longest)
''Superficial sneation....Dry in mouth''

^^Internal Capsule atresia
''Contralteral snesiry denitiy/hemiataia/hemianopia/hemiparasis''

^^hypoglossal nerve:
-Tongue movement abscent/ Cant Talk/difficulty swallow!

^^Brown-Sequerd :
-Ipsilaterla loss f vibtaation+discirmination
-IPsilateral  spastc paresis
-Ipsilateral Flaccid pralysis
-Controlateral loss of Pain + Temp!

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