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1) e  a  d  b  c

2) 2. He was forced to leave the company by mark zuckerberg 
    3. His money is being invested on international technology start-up bussines.
    4. He was hired as a new product
    5. New brand openings and managent procedures are coordinates by ....

3) were studying,  used to work,  has kept,  had been working, was,  has been

4) c  a  d  b

5) used to run,  happened, had, decided, was, took, has produced

6) 2. He was going to go trough life thinking .......
    3. He was a geek 
    4. He didn´t care what she thinks or says
    5. If hewas going to blame him because
    6. He was the chief financial officer 
    7. He made a bad bussines dead 
    8. His own company 

7) 1. You shuld have searched for bussines partners in your old university or financial with a bank  
    2. Your brother should have come to me for help.

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