Eighteenth century literature

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literature of the eighteenth century has 3 periods: - the first is about the first quarter of the century known as the transition. Baroque literature ESTBA fashion. postbarroquismo and classicism .-- between 1725 and 1750 is known as classicism, there is some q beauty is in the rococo with the lyric, the poetry was unresponsive at the theater and develop the narrative idea there excedpto "Mournful Nights ".-- the last quarter century is known as the preromanticismo, which seeks the libetrad, giving way to Romanticism. TEST: This is the kind of literature best meets q and was used in the century and q is perfect for spreading ides and facts. highlight the epistles, autobiographies, books viajes.Obras "no news from gurb" by Eduardo Mendoza and "pants and the visitors" of Bargallosa.Temas: educational, M ª de Spain, economy, politics. with a clear and simple style with ejemplos.POESIA use: do not express feelings, so q is natrativo.Etapas character: 1700-1725: Baroque poetry (decorated) 1725-1775: neoclassical poetry (art) rococo appears. 1775-1800: preromantica poetry. THEATER :1700-1750: Neoclassical Baroque (comedy magic cloak and dagger) 17501800: neoclassical theater (tragedy neo., Neo comedy.) Cstrumbismo appears with the sketches are works small q q abandon the habits of pueblo.NARRATIVA: hardly any porq was demasiuado imaginative.

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