Eighteenth-century prose and writers

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The eighteenth-century prose
As in other genres in the eighteenth century prose trends are baroque, neoclassical and pre-Romantic .. But the most significant is the development of the test, with Feijoo and Jovellanos nuevolenguaje employing a natural, precise narrative and novelist funcional.En more is representative scaffold.
The essay is the genre that reaches a major development in the eighteenth century work jovellanos.Su Feijoo and helped disseminate a more modern and simple language thing k made to newspapers and magazines divulgacion.la novel was little cultivated with exception of Isla Cadalso.3 and styles:
-Prose posbarroca.Representada by Diego Torres Villarroel, with his satirical writings, Almanacs and Forecasts, and his tone autobiographical picaresque novel, Vida.
Prose neoclassical-ilustrada.Logra a lot in testing and in criticism of Feijoo, Gallows and Jovellanos.Como novelist father highlights the island, with the work of Friar Gerund Campazas, a satire about the preachers who imitated the baroque and against superstitions.
Prose prerromantica.Aparece-century later writers who had begun his work in the Neoclassic style, as Gallows and Jovellanos.
Fray Benito Jeronimo Feijoo-author of numerous essays didactics, knowledge disseminated type enciclopedico.Sus works very varied with the goal of modernizing the society of his time.
-Jose Cadalso: incredible knowledge of the neoclassical and neo-romantic, is author of the work most representative of the Enlightenment, Morocco letters she conducts a social satire following the approach of the Persians plants: a stranger travels in a strange country, and from pespectiva outsider writes his letters in the k says everything ve.El Moroccan star is the Gazel, who along his journey through Spain wrote to a teacher and a friend español.En those cards reviews and criticizes the usual ideas, and social organization also lugubre hispanica.Escribio nights, Elegia prose literature is part of preromanticism sepulchral.
Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos: writer and politician, lived intensely the events of the 2nd half of the eighteenth century as in his letters and collects diarios.Participo the reformist politics of Charles III and Charles IV.esto carry him exile and 7 years carcel.Destacado representative of the genre in the k test is very variado.se topics proposed modernizing the country through works such as memory for the array of memory espectaculos.En police of Public Education k Jovellanos believes culture is the source of the social prosperity and happiness personal.Tambien wrote satires, epistles in prose and drama. As a playwright is the author of the tragedy and drama Pelayo sentimental honrrado offender.

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