Ejercicios first conditional

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First Conditional à If+present simple, will+infinitiv (eventos futures posibles,promesas)

Second Conditional à if+past Simple, would+infinitive (situaciones poco probables)

Third Conditional à if+past Perfect, would+have+past participle(pasado q no ocurriero)

If only+past Simple (didn’t) – Situaciones presents

If only+past Perfect (hadn’t) – Situaciones pasadas

If Only+would+infinitive (never,always) – Para quejarnos

I+hope+lo q Sea+verb present simple

Dear Sir/ Madam. I am writing to complain about the last concert that you organized in Barcelona last Sunday. Due to there were a lot of people in the event (you Probably sold too much tickets) and it finished half an hour earlier, I couldn’t Enjoy the concert at all. This lack of space and the fact that the singer Skipped many songs are the reason why I am sharing my disappointment and I want My money refunded. I look forward to hearing from you in the hear future and I Hope that you consider my position. Yours faithfully.

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