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cosmetic surgery, apologize (disculparse), beautify, criticize, darken, fantasize, flatten, horrify, justify, lengthen, modernize, prioritize, purify, shorten, simplify, smarten, specialize, strengthen, sympathize, weaken. Ankle-length, average-sized, badly-dressed, broad-shouldered, clean-shaven, curly-haired, dark-haired, dark-skinned, fair-haired, fair-skinned, frienly-looking, heavily-built, knee-lenght, natural-looking, scruffy-looking, shoulder-lenght, smartly-dressed, well-dressed. A boom in, a preoccupation with, an acceptance of, be realistic about, be under attack from, feel guilty about, necessary for, resonate with. 

Apply for a job, claim benefits, do a course, do a degree, do an assignment, do business, do your homework, drop out of university, get a job, get fired, get good/bad grades, get paid, get promoted, graduate from university, leave school, pass an exam, pass with with flying colours, pass your driving test, start a business, star a career, start a work, teach yourself. Bank clerk (empleado), bank manager (director), brain surgeon, company director, company owner, data analyst, driving instructor, film director, firefighter, football coach, hotel manager, hotel owner, school teacher, shop assistant, software designer, tattoo artist, train driver, truck driver, yoga instructor. (in)articulate, analytical, calm, cautious, critical, (in)decisive, determined, (in)efficient, (un)enthusiastic, focused, hard-working, (un)imaginative, (un)motivated, nervous, (dis)obedient, (dis)organized, perceptive, positive, (un)sociable, (un)talented, (un)trustworthy, (in)valuable. Get ahead(salir adelante), get by(arreglárselas), take on(asumir), take up(comenzar), turn down(rechazar).

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