El Cantar de Mio Cid

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the chansons de geste: this name is designated reciting epics minstrels.

The purpose of these narrative poems was to have events and life events dela notables seeking the pursuit of honor through risk

Thesis individualist argues that the composition of the song is due to a single person, who was commissioned the work. This author must be a monk or a person connected with the monastery.

Traditionalist thesis: it holds the brief existence of traditional epic poems were used as the basis for the finalization of a particular song.

the Cantar de Mio Cid-Cid issues / El Cid has been banished from Castile. Must abandon his wife and daughters, and began a military campaign, accompanied by his faithful non-Christian lands, sending a present to the king after each victory to get real please.

Third sing. Song of the reproach of Corpes (vv. 2278-3730) The Heirs of Carrion soon show their cowardice, first with a lion escaping and fleeing in terror, then in the fight against the Arabs. Feeling humiliated, infants decide to take revenge. For this a journey towards Carrión with their wives and, upon reaching the oak grove Corpes, the hit and move on leaving flagging. El Cid has been disgraced and the king asking for justice. The trial ends with "RIEPT" or duel in which the representatives of the cause of the Cid due to infants. They are dishonored and cancel their weddings. The poem ends with the proposed marriage between the daughters of the Cid and the Infantes of Navarre and Aragon.

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