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If you t-----to talk a. An (2)
If I had----to talk a. Something(3)
If you want-----to talk a. A (1)
Complete the sentences.
If I-----will rent
If universities----had
I----would have Studied
If I went--would start--wouldn´t have
The educación-will get-doesn´t do
If my-had no encouraged-wouldn´t have become
Would you like to work at weekends?
Do yo have any experience?
What qualifications do you have?

What hours are you bailable to work?
What are you studying at the moment?
What werw your responsibilities is previos job?
Choose the option.
You--don´t work
Lucy--wouldn´t have gone
If he----got
When I go---to university
If you----will be able
If he will---earned
Complete the sentences.
Wouldn´t have passed
Had not soleen
Would have got.

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