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13. One morning, walking, Rasselas and Imlac observed conies fleeing from floods to the mountainsides. This made them think that maybe, digging a cavity, they would have a chance to escape. Then, they began to work.

14. When Rasselas and Imlac were working on the escape, unexpectedly Rasselas’ appreciated sister Nekayah appeared. She kept the secret, but asked Rasselas to let her to escape with him, to which he agreed. They managed to make this work and they were prepared to start.

15. Rasselas, Imlac, and Nekayah escape. During the trip, they are surprised and frightened by the unknown world. People do not treat them as they were accustomed. Imlac kept them a few weeks in the first village. The prince and his sister spent time in port until embarked to Suez, where they continued to Cairo.

16. Imlac sells part of the jewelry and rents a house in Cairo. He is considered as a wealthy merchant. Imlac invites men of all nations. The prince accompanied Imlac in places of recreation and assemblages that would facilitate his choice of life. Rasselas believed that all people were happy, however, Imlac believes that happiness can never be achieved perfectly and says that he is being deceived by appearances.

17. Rasselas joins a group of young, because he believes that they have a happier life, but soon realizes that the group that he joined lived a life that shamed him. He talked them trying to come to their reasons about the behavior they presented, but these ended with laugh.

18. Rasselas entered in a building and found a wise professor with stoic patience as a means to happiness. Rasselas visit the man several days, but one day he came to his house, he found him suffering on the death of his only daughter. The wise tells him that his views, his purposes and hopes are at an end. Rasselas finally leaves, after a conversation that made him disappointed.

19. Rasselas heard of a hermit and decided to visit him to ask if he could find happiness in solitude that did not get in public life. Rasselas was accompanied by Imlac and his sister, and they met with a group of shepherds. They spent some time with shepherds. They little learned from them, but realized that they were not happy because they were condemned to work for rich people.

20. They found a palace built on a hill surrounded by trees. They were invited to the palace, and the master of  the palace after seeing that guests were not common, he prepared a great feast. After congratulate the master for his possessions, he replied that this was not happy, because the prosperity he had endangered his life. He was afraid to join the Bassa of Egypt.The prince and his company stayed a few days more there before continuing the road to the shrine.

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