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21. They finally reached the hermit's cell. The hermit tells them that he had lived  for fifteen years in solitude to avoid all evil. After a conversation about his experience, the hermit decides to return to Cairo with them.

22. Sometimes Rasselas joined an assembly of learned men, where they shared their opinions and thoughts. There, Rasselas exposes his meeting with the hermit. One of them suggests that happiness can be found in life according to nature. Rasselas is interested in his explanation and asks him to explain what he has quoted, however, the cannot explain to Rasselas how to live in accordance with nature.

23. Rasselas and his sister decided to divide the work, because Imlac despised the search of brothers regarding happiness. The princess tells her brother that she will seek happiness in the life of the poor while he will try his life in the palaces of the rich people.

24. The prince was presented in the court of Bassa, where he was accepted. He often had similar thoughts, but he found that almost all men who had a high rank, they envied and hated the rest, with the mutual hatred. The Bassa was taken to Constantinople chains and his name was banned. Later, the second floor was deposed. The Sultan, who had favored him, was murdered by the Janisaries and his successor had other views and different favourities.

25. Nekayah was introduced in poor families, and busied herself with the women in that society. She pretended to carry out a thorough analysis and penetrate their hearts. The princess met his brother and told him that he saw many poor people trying to simulate their welfare.

26. Nekaya tells that relations between children and parents are always going to be stormy because the experience of maturity and innocence of youth will always be opposite poles and are going to oppose even living in the same household. Rasselas is why questions whether it is more appropriate to live without feeling anything or anyone to avoid suffering. Rasselas questions whether it is more appropriate to live without feeling to avoid suffering.

27. The characters talk about an error of Nekayah by prejudging people. She adds that it is unavoidable to please everyone with everything they do. She argues that it is impossible having a high position to enjoy the happiness. Therefore happiness will be a worthy state of a humble class that is not accountable to anyone. She concludes that virtue takes patience to be happy, but inevitably waiting involves suffering.

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