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35. The princess is not encouraged due to the absence of Pekuah. Rasselas hires musicians and makes every effort to amuse her, but is not effective. All the time she was asking to Imlac about the search. Imlac tells her to amuse and entertain, to which she replied that she will always remember her friend. Rasselas orders a search with more diligently to calm the princess and remove from her mind the idea of isolation.

36. The princess recovers from the loss of her friend against her will. She occupies her mind with other activities, and reserves an hour a day to remember her friend. She preserves her love for her friend, and asks Imlac to continue the search.

37. Seven months after a princess’ promise, there is news that the maid is in the hands of an Arab boss. They agree to be at one place and give money for  her. Everything went as planned and the princess and the maid meet again. Then Pekuah tells what happened during her abduction.

38. Pekuah describes what happened to her in the Arab camp. It was a confusion with a princess and all other women in the camp treated her with respect.

39. Pekuah was taken to the palace of the head and she was treated like a real princess. Other women envied her, but they also did her favours. She felt a tremendous sense of boredom, because the women who lived there were not curios, they had not an interesting conversations. Everything changed when the reward for the kidnapping came and a boss could not hold her there any longer.

40. Rasselas decides to search of happiness and the poet tells the story of an astronomer who lived locked investigating the sky. Only few friends visited him. His happiness was focused on the study of the things that intrigued him.

41. One day the astronomer invited the poet to his house to reveal the cause of his discomfort, explaining that he is the cause of what is happening to the climate and seasons. He considers Imlac as a trusted man and who will not abuse the power.

42. The characters a listening a story about the drought and one day it ordered the rain fall, but he got out of hand and became a flood. Therefore he chose Imlac responsible for that power, he considered him a man capable of carrying that weight.

43. Astronomer tells the poet to  not abuse that power, to use it responsibly and fairly. That is the smallest change can impact greatly disadvantages in the world (tilting the axis, altering the orbit of the sun ..)

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