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4. Lord Munodi promises to get Gulliver an invitation to Lagado's Royal Academy if he wants it, which Gulliver does.

5. Their projects include:

To take sunbeams out of cucumbers; To turn human poo back into food (ugh);

To melt ice into gunpowder; To build houses from the roof down; To paint without sight, but according to the texture and smell of the colors; To use pigs to plough fields;

To use spider webs to replace silk threads.

This giant square has handles on all sides for the professor's students to use to turn the frame.

By turning the frame, the professor's students shake up the words hanging inside the square.

Whenever three or four of the words together seem to make sense, the students write down these phrases.

6. In order to find an accused person they could find "proof" of treason by assigning special meanings and fake codes to the words of the accused.

7. Gulliver plans to go to Luggnagg, sail for Japan, and then head for Europe.

He visited the small island of Glubbdubdrib, because he had to wait for a month before his bout would arrive. The Governor of Glubbdubdrib can raise the dead, but only for one day, and he can't call them back again until three months have gone by.

Alexander the Great (who died from drinking too much); Hannibal,Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great ; Brutus, Julius Caesar.

8. Gulliver wants to find out how people have gotten their official and court positions and finds that it's through horrible means: bribery, lying, sucking up, oppression, prostitution of wives and daughters, treason, poisoning, and incest all come up.

Gulliver discovers that the only really great services done to the state have been by people who history calls traitors and criminals.

9. Gulliver finally leaves Glubbdubdrib and heads for Luggnagg.

The King orders Gulliver to follow the local custom of crawling to the King's feet and licking the dust in front of his footstool.

If the King wants one of his court dead, he has poison sprinkled on the floor in front of him where they have to eat it.

Apparently, the King really likes Gulliver: he gives him some money and lets him stay at the palace.

10. The struldbrugs (inmortal) age at the same rate as other humans, the difference being, that at 80 years old, they're much more miserable than other old people because they have the prospect of living on and on beyond their 80 years.

11. Gulliver heads to Japan, where he uses a letter of recommendation from the Luggnaggian King to get an audience with the Emperor of Japan. Gulliver's trip home is uneventful, and he finally gets to see his family after 5 and a half years away.

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