Elasticidad income

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Standard Cost= *, * ,-(substract), Acual Price= Acaul Cost/ KG), 
Matrails Price= {Aq*AP} {AQ * SP} Standard {Price then you substact
Materail Quanity= SQ(allowed) *SP (stand Price) Then substract (AQ*AP)
Labor Eff Variance= Standad Per( AH(found problem) - Labor usage)
Labor Rate AH(found in promblem ( SH(found in promblem "or "- standard cost per hour)

$ Amount= Percentage*assets, Residual Income= Netoperating - $amount, %=$amount / Assests, Net Operating= $amount / Assets, Net Operating= $ amount + Resuduatial Income. 

Porcessing-organise then substract 
Standadrd and Premium- Substract then Divide 
Least number / actual mins (In promblem)

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